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Boost IT Men Conditioner - 10.2 oz

Boost IT Men Conditioner is scientifically formulated with our special Antiguan Coffee Berry Caffeine plus Ginseng, Biotin, Flax Seed and Licorice to create a lightweight conditioner that normalizes oil production while re-hydrating hair follicles.   

-Antiguan Coffee Berry stimulates Keratinocyte growth   
- Ginseng stimulates scalp and improves regeneration ability 
- Biotin Strengthen hair follicles   
- Flex Seed nourishes follicles while balancing PH levels and smoothing scalp 
- Lirorice traps essential moisture in the scalp for healthy accelerated hair growth           

Boost IT Men Conditioner nourishes and moisturizes while replacing lost nutrients to accelerate hair growth. Sulfate and paraben free.  For best results, use as part of the Boost IT 5-step Regimen with Boost IT Men Shampoo, Boost IT Men Leave in Shine Treatment, Boost IT Men Intensive Scalp Tonic and Boost IT Men Supplements.  

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