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Channel your inner girly-girl with a Feminine Bob. A soft, layered style for a romantic look.

STEP 1: Begin styling by spritzing a heat-protecting product such as our IT 12-in-1 Leave in Treatment and IT 12-in-One Serum before blow drying. This will protect against damage from heat styling and tame the most unruly of frizzies leading to a smooth finish.

STEP 2: Blow hair out in sections using a boar bristle brush.

STEP 3: Using a two-inch curling iron, curl the ends of your hair. Finish off the look with Freeze IT Mega Freeze Hair Spray for ultimate long-lasting hold and shine.




Be a trend setter with Jessica Beil’s half undo.

STEP 1: Style your updo to perfection with your favorite styling tools.

STEP 2: For added volume, use Freeze IT Original Volumizing  Hair Spray to keep everything in place.  For a more classic look, use IT Mega Freeze Hair Spray.





Recreate Meryl Streep’s sophisticated updo. 

STEP 1:  Prep hair with IT 12-in-One Serum. The drops will soothe hair at the cuticle for added moisture and a healthy shine.

STEP 2: After you’ve done your hair up, make sure everything stays in place with Freeze IT Mega Freeze Hair Spray.  If you want to add a little volume, try Freeze IT Original Freeze Volumizing Hair Spray.




Sport iconic locks like Jessica Chastain. Sleek, straight hair with movement and volume is the ultimate classic look.

STEP 1: Beautifully smooth hair starts with a little bit of shine. Apply IT 12-in-One Serum to hair, which is the perfect solution for healthy hair. Infused with Abyssinian Oil, our formula smoothes the hair cuticle, bringing unruly frizz to incredible shine.

STEP 2: Once the serum has been worked into hair, blow dry with a paddle brush and lift at the roots using your hands.

STEP 3:  After blowing hair out, spray this chic and current hairstyle with Color Protection Brushable Hair Spray for the easiest brush-through styling. The Tricosilk Complex™ formulated in the hair spray repels moisture, making it simple to sport the iconic look of Emma’s shiny, smooth hair.




Chop off your locks to get Shailene Woodley’s stylish bob. Be the master of this hot Hollywood trend.

STEP 1: Start this look by prepping hair with the IT 12-in-One Leave in Treatment Keratin and IT 12-in-One Serum. The products will restore hair for a gorgeous, healthy shine.

STEP 2: Blow Dry then flat iron your hair to achieve sleek bangs. IT 12-in-One Leave in Treatment Keratin and IT 12-in-One Serum will protect hair from heat styling and seal in moisture.

STEP 3: Keep everything in place with Freeze IT Mega Freeze Hair Spray! A few sprays of Mega Freeze will insure your bangs stay in place and don’t end up all over your face by the end of the night.

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