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IT 12-in-One Volumizing Leave in Treatment - Twin Pack - 2/ 10.2 oz

Achieve maximum volume and address your hair care needs with Our IT 12-in-One Volumizing Leave-in Treatment now available in a twin pack!

This extraordinary treatment combines the power of multiple benefits in a single bottle. Enriched with Raw Avocado, Keratin Proteins, and Whole Wheat-derived proteins, it works wonders to amplify volume. Each hair strand is coated and plumped, resulting in an overall enhancement of volume that will turn heads.

Not only does this treatment create incredible volume, but it also offers a range of other benefits. The inclusion of hydrolyzed silk and keratin ensures that your hair feels irresistibly soft and smooth. Bid farewell to heavy, weighed-down locks as this formula is lightweight and non-greasy. Moreover, it is free from parabens, ensuring a clean and wholesome hair care experience.

This versatile treatment goes beyond volumizing. It is designed to repair damage, detangle your hair, and strengthen each strand. Say hello to lustrous, silky shine as it enhances the overall appearance of your hair. Additionally, it provides anti-aging protection, preserving the youthfulness of your locks.

IT 12-in-One Volumizing Leave-in Treatment Spray is gentle enough for daily use, catering to all hair types and ensuring that every day is a good hair day. With the IT 12-in-One Volumizing Leave-in Treatment Spray, you can embrace voluminous, healthy-looking hair with ease.

For optimal results, combine with IT 12-in-One Amazing Shampoo , and IT 12-in-One Amazing Hydrating Conditioner, Together, they form a powerful hair care routine that will leave your hair feeling truly amazing.

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