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Beach and Pool Days? Protect Your Hair with These Tips!

Beach and Pool Days? Protect Your Hair with These Tips!

Getting ready for some fun under the sun? It's beach and pool time! And, we've got you covered with a few hair-saving tips to prevent the chlorine and sun from wrecking your beautiful locks. Enjoy your summer days while keeping your hair looking fabulous!

Before you dive in, rinse your hair with fresh tap water. This helps create a barrier, preventing your hair from soaking up all that chlorinated water. After all, hair gets thirsty too!

Apply a good hair oil once your hair is wet to add a protective layer. Look for one with UV protection like IT Hair Serums

After your pool adventures, give your hair two good shampoos. But if you can't shower right away, rinse your hair again with fresh tap water to remove some chlorine. Your hair will thank you later!

Follow up with a hydrating conditioner and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Use a wide-tooth comb to work the conditioner evenly, giving your hair the TLC it deserves. IT Conditioners are a great option

Treat your hair to a good deep repair and restoring hair masque once a week. It's the perfect way to replenish and rejuvenate your hair after all the fun in the sun! IT 2-Minute-Deep Repair Treatment Masque are a great option

For beach days, try this extra step: Mix one part of your favorite leave-in treatment with two parts water in a spray bottle. After frolicking in the ocean, spritz your hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Your hair will thank you for the extra care!

Remember, IT Leave-in Treatments and Serums offer not only protection from the sun's rays but also help improve hair texture over time! Enjoy your beach and pool days without worrying about your hair – it's time to shine like the sun!

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Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid


Protect Your Hair from Sun and UV Damage

Protect Your Hair from Sun and UV Damage


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