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“When it comes to gorgeous hair you need two things – fabulous hair products and some tech smart devices. Here are some insider tips from the Hollywood pros. --CHRISTINE KING



Glam Palm Styling Iron - $135

Coated with a Healing Stone Infused Ceramic Coating this Korean made beauty tool guarantees smooth, shiny hair. Crescent shaped heating plate with 11 precise heat settings, maximizes volume white styling. Its 25-second heating speed gets you out the door fast!

Available at: Glam Palm

Use with It Hair Care's 12-in-One Amazing Leave in Treatment. This lightweight leave in detangler and hair treatment increases manageability and prevents breakage.


SHOP NOW at: It Hair Products!



Mason Pearson Pocket Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush - $120

Not all hair brushes are created equal. Mason Pearson brushes are designed to stimulate the scalp, clean the hair and increase blood flow to the roots. Most of the work on the bushes is carried out by hand to maintain the quality and with over one hundred years of experience they know a thing or two about brushes! Check out the range – there’s one for everyone!



Available at: Mason Pearson

Use with It Hair Care's 12-in-One Amazing Leave in Treatment to act as a detangler and follow styling with the 12-in One Amazing Serum with Abyssinian Oil to hydrate and smooth, while adding shine and eliminating frizz. 

SHOP NOW at: IT Hair Care!



Gamma Piu Ion Ceramics - $87

This glamorous, lightweight hair dryer from Italian brand Gamma Piu is gentle on hair and your budget   It’s super easy to grip with a cooling button that's perfectly positioned for easy styling. This model infuses oxygen in the hair, helping to make hair look shiny and frizz free. Bellisimo!

 Available at: Amazon

Use with IT Hair Care's 12-in-One Amazing Serum and finish off your megawatt shine with Mega Freeze to lock in your style for 24 hour hold!  

 SHOP NOW at: It Hair Care!


Welcome to the IT FILES!   Our blog is designed to share insider knowledge and expert tips about beauty, fashion, pop culture and travel.  Let’s bond over new product news, the latest trends and why we like them - or don’t! We like to think of ourselves as a platform where you can explore great ideas and experience some hot new trends. Be informed. Have fun. Be noticed.

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