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About Key Brands International

With its unique creative flair and state-of-the art product development facility, Key Brands has built a fine family hair care products, including its number one selling Freeze It hair sprays, mousse and gels. Our flagship brand, Vital Care, continues to have consistent positive sales growth.  Key Brands is growing rapidly outside of the United States. International distribution of the Vital Care (hair care and skin care) and Freeze It Brands include Mexico, South and Central America, Europe, the Baltic countries, Egypt, the Middle East, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Founded in 1974 by Linda and Harvey Vechery, Key Brands International has been instrumental in the development, launch and distribution of some of the most innovative and successful product lines in the highly competitive professional and consumer products industry. Key Brands has the most experienced and dedicated management and employees in the personal care business with a well developed understanding of business trends, emerging opportunities, and the importance of special retail and salon trade partnerships. Key Brands is a well financed, highly rated company with an established warehousing and field sales organization to run its worldwide business. Key Brands world headquarters are located in Irwindale, California next to the Company’s 160,000 square foot state-of-the art distribution center. It maintains the highest level of customer service and prides itself on timely shipping of all orders; providing customer-driven promotional support and efficient handling of all customer and consumer inquiries. Key Brands also maintains satellite offices in Chicago, Illinois and Bentonville, Arkansas to provide superior service to customers.


Environmental History

Advance technology using Bio Nanotechnology has allowed the creation of salt and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners with fractionalized particles averaging 20 nanometers in length. At this size, it takes 80,000 particles to equal the diameter of a human hair and at this level, the Botanisil ME-10 penetrates the interior of the hair where color molecules have been formed, either by nature or artificial hair coloring. The Botanisil ME-10 is a 20 nanometer-sized fractured silicone conditioner which functions at two new hair conditioning levels. A new European approach to products with concentrated materials is not only functional, but Bio Nanotechnology produces greater conditioning and product performance. Less shelf space and warehouse space. From 25% (4 to 1 concentrated) to 50% (2 to 1 concentrated) packaging size; less land fill required. Savings in freight size and weight, savings in fossil fuel consumption (diesel or gas).

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