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Style Tips


Shailene Woodley is just one of over 60 celebrities showing the versatility of a super cool pixie cut.

Shorter hair calls for bold make up choices, statement earrings and daring new outfits.  Go ahead, be a cute little pixie!

STEP 1: Prep damp hair with IT HAIR CARE’S 12-IN-ONE AMAZING LEAVE IN TREATMENT to detangle and smooth, while working to restore, repair and strengthen.  

STEP 2: If you like your pixie to have some texture, then use IT HAIR CARE’S DRY SHAMPOO on dry hair.  If you prefer shine, skip the DRY SHAMPOO and add a tiny amount of IT HAIR CARE’S 12-IN-ONE AMAZING SERUM to banish any frizzy ends and add a red carpet shine.

STEP 3: Keep your pixie in place with a light spray of MEGA FREEZE HAIR SPRAY.  24-hour hold.  Humidity resistant.  Memory Lock keeps your perfect pixie in style for the following day!

Amazing Updo

Need inspiration for your updo? Take note of Meryl Streep, Victoria Beckham or Crazy Rich Asian’s
Constance Wu’s styles.  Each style is different and with a range of products you can work your hair into
a romantic low bun, a messy and playful half up, half down updo, or a full-on formal updo.

STEP 1: Prep damp hair with IT HAIR CARE’S 12-IN-ONE NATURALS 12-IN-ONE LEAVE IN TREATMENT working as a detangler and heat protectant from hot tools damage. Or, if you wish you may also use on dry hair prior to styling.

STEP 2: Use a flat brush to sweep hair upwards to the center of the back of the head and secure with bobby pins. If you want a softer, more playful style, pull a few pieces loose.  If you need more volume use IT HAIR CARE’S DRY SHAMPOO for added texture, prior to styling.

STEP 3: For the perfect finish, spray generously with MEGA FREEZE hair spray to keep the ‘do firmly in place. Featuring patented optical brighteners, MEGA FREEZE will add shine, while the best-selling formula will hold hair for a full 24-hours in any kind of weather.

The Sultry Half Updo

Be a trend setter with Jessica Beil’s half updo.

STEP 1: Style your updo to perfection with your favorite styling tools.

STEP 2: For added volume, use ORIGINAL FREEZE IT Hair Spray to keep everything in place.  For a more classic look, use MEGA FREEZE HAIR SPRAY.

STEP 3: If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch, use a few drops of IT 12-IN-ONE AMAZING SERUM to add a boost of shine to your ‘do.  Be sure to only use a few drops - this product goes a long way!


Beachy waves always look stylish. Just ask Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen to name just a few celebrities who rock the look.  It’s easy and fast to pull off this popular look all year long — no beach trip needed!

STEP 1: Use IT HAIR CARE’S 12-IN-ONE AMAZING LEAVE IN TREATMENT as a heat protectant before your grab your hot tools.

STEP 2: Using a curling or flat iron, wrap hair around the tool of your choice, pulling it gently through your hair.  Start half way down your hair so waves are soft and gentle. Once you’re done break up the waves with your fingers.  Use a generous spray of IT HAIR CARE’S AMAZING 12-IN-ONE SURF SPRAY to add texture and embolden your waves. TIP: If you want a break from your hot tools use the AMAZING 12-IN-ONE SURF SPRAY to create instant waves.  It’s the instant no heat beach wave style.

STEP 3: A light spritz of IT HAIR CARE’S ORIGINAL FREEZE HAIR SPRAY will hold your waves gently in place.


There’s a reason Hollywood stars always return to the bob.  It’s chic and sleek and always looks super stylish. Repeat offenders who love the bob include Emma Stone, Kylie Jenner and Brie Larson to name a few. Go for super sleek, blunt cut or shaggy, the bob haircut is always super hot. A soft, layered style for a romantic look.

STEP 1: A good styling is a must and IT HAIR CARE’S AMAZING 12-IN-ONE LEAVE IN TREATMENT doubles as a leave in treatment and a styler.  Apply to damp hair to protect your hair from hot tools, while also eliminating frizz and adding shine. 

TIP: If you want to make your bob look a little more relaxed, ditch the styling cream and scrunch up your hair by misting IT HAIR CARE’S AMAZING 12-IN-ONE SURF SPRAY throughout, picking up the top layers, so you get to the under layers. Alternatively you can use IT HAIR CARE’S AMAZING 12-IN-ONE DRY SHAMPOO for texture and roughness.

STEP 2: If you are going for super chic and sleek, then now’s the time to use IT HAIR CARE’S AMAZING 12-IN-ONE SERUM before using your hot tools to smooth your hair. If the fragrance doesn’t win you over at first sniff, then the mega-watt shine will.  Designed to heal, protect and strengthen your hair, the serum will guarantee your bob haircut is A-list.

STEP 3: Hair spray is great for keeping your style perfectly chic all day long.  Use IT HAIR CARE’S MEGA FREEZE HAIR SPRAY or for a lighter hold use IT HAIRE CARE’S ORIGINAL FREEZE HAIR SPRAY, to keep every strand perfectly in place.  24-hour hold and humidity resistant.


Pin-straight hair needs to be shiny, clean and devoid of any frizz or flyaways.  If you are channeling Jessica Chastain or Gwyneth Paltrow then perfectly classic and shiny hair is a must.  Take the time to give yourself a good blowout to form the foundation of your Award Winning style.  Invest in a good paddle brush to blow hair dry and a quality flat iron to seal in the style. Sleek, straight hair with movement and volume is the ultimate classic look.

STEP 1: Use a good quality, sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner like IT HAIR CARE’S AMAZING 12-IN-ONE HYDRATING SHAMPOO and HYDRATING CONDITIONER.  TIP: The night before use a mask to prepare your hair for styling. IT HAIR CARE’S 12-IN-ONE AMAZING 2-MINUTE TREATMENT REPAIR MASK is a perfect pre-styling luxury for your hair.

STEP 2: Use IT HAIR CARE’S 12-IN-ONE AMAZING LEAVE IN TREATMENT to create the perfect foundation for styling. Blow dry with a paddle brush until dry.  Add a few drops of 12-IN-ONE AMAZING SERUM for immediate shine, and to tame any flyaway or frizz.

STEP 3: Use a flatiron to seal in the style.  Finish with a spritz of ORIGINAL FREEZE or COLOR PROTECTION Hairspray.  TIP: If there are a few flyaways around your face, lightly spray ORIGINAL FREEZE or COLOR PROTECTION onto a small toothbrush and stroke down into place.

Pin-Up Curls

Rock beautiful bombshell curls like Allison Williams.

STEP 1: To start creating this polished pin-up look, apply IT 12-IN-ONE AMAZING SERUM to the ends of damp hair. Blow dry hair using a round brush and a straightening filter on your blow dryer.

STEP 2: Wrap one-inch sections around a one-inch curling iron, then gently pull out the iron, leaving the hair to cool in a coil.

STEP 3: Once all hair has been curled, run a brush through it to create full, smooth curls. Spray with COLOR PROTECTION BRUSHABLE HAIR SPRAY for 50% greater softness and flexibility. The Bioflex™ in this spray provides bounce-back styling memory, which keeps your retro curls bouncy and full of body.

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